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Psymoon Records is proud to present:
V.A Forgotten Dark Civilization

About release:

For many centuries the Maya civilization lived in Mexico.
They were strong conquerors. Maya always wanted to explore
the spirit and communication with the gods. Maya had a
communication with the universe. This special bond chosen
priest and he had said to people maya in what direction they
must to move and live.

Maya universe were located cluster of worlds on each other
- yok Kaaba (literally from the ground). Above the ground
were thirteen heavens - "celestial layers." Underground hiding
nine "underground world".

Cosmic intervention helped to maya make the calendar.
In the calendar you find mystical signs and the especial music.
All of this contained in this collection. She speaks to us.


1) Amilus - Destruction 06:27 (150bpm) - Download
2) Psyc0ma vs Maximus - Contact 08:11 (155bpm) - Download
3) Griboz Project - Energy-m77 09:02 (155bpm) - Download
4) Sirtja - Fabulous 08:26 (148bpm) - Download
5) Neon - quantising thought 06:04 (148bpm) - Download
6) Satyr Iasis - Liquid Doctrine 06:33 (148bpm) - Download
7) Sirtja - Miracle kaleidoscope 08:26 (148bpm) - Download
8) Griboz Project vs Satyr Iasis - Dawn of mist 07:28 (150bpm) - Download
9) Pupsidelic - Organic Trip 07:53 (166bpm) - Download
10) Gen-Ohm - Bring The Noise 06:54 (170 bpm) - Download

Preview V.A Forgotten Dark Civilization:

Compiled by Griboz Project
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Mastering by Eldiavolo
Graphics by Andrey Griboz
Atwork by Eldiavolo

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